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NEW IN 2024

  1.  36,000 m2 (of which 9,100 m2 is covered and heated, operating year-round).

2. Capacity for 4,000 guests

3. A total of 820 m of slides

4. Over 300 different play elements for children (sprinklers, water jets, waterfalls, etc.)

5. The longest artificial river in the region, spanning 610 meters

6. Total of over 3,600 m3 of water attractions

7. Luxurious Wellness club covering 1800 m2

8. Indoor playroom of over 650 m2 plus the entire outdoor area of artificial and natural beaches with other children’s amenities

9. The most attractive world toys specially selected for all ages of children
Shops offering the latest toys and sweets for children

10. 3 themed restaurants with selected menus for children and families

11. Changing rooms with secure lockers for personal belongings

12. Over 1,500 meters of decorations with children’s themes

13. Highest safety standards with lifeguards, security guards, and cameras constantly ensuring the safety of our guests

14. Overall, over 100 Aquapark staff member