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Frequently Asked Questions


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Tickets can be purchased directly at the Dalmatian Aquapark entrance, or, as a hotel guest, you may purchase them from your hotel reception with a 10% saving.

The price from opening until closure for hotel guests is: for visitors over 120 cm in height is € 30 and € 15 for children between 90 cm and 120 cm.

The price from opening until closure for daily visitors is: for visitors over 120 cm in height is € 35 and € 17,50 for children between 90 cm and 120 cm.

Free entry for children under 90 cm.

From 01.05 – 30.09 parking is charged at € 10 per day. It’s not possible to reserve a particular parking space.

Daily visitors may park their vehicle at the car park opposite the main entrance of Amadria Park, for a chargeable fee according to the time period, with entry into Amadria Park free of charge.

Daily visitors may access Aquapark Dalmatia, the spa & wellness centres, sports and recreation facilities, bars, clubs and restaurants, sunbeds on the beach and playgrounds. Working hours of the various facilities are seasonal. Entry tickets may be purchased on-site.

It is forbidden to bring your own sun loungers, umbrellas, food and drink.

Pets are only allowed at our campsite. Only campsite guests that are staying on a pitch may bring a pet.

Lunch or dinner can be reserved in person at Dalmatian Ethno Village where the staff will be happy to help you. Or, you may email an inquiry to Amadria Park Ivan at: Please specify number of people, date and time.

Guests of the hotels may use the hotel pool sunbeds free of charge, according to availability. Sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach may be used by both guests and day visitors for a fee . Hotel guests have access to additional facilities. It is not possible to reserve the sunbeds.

Yes, there are 3 family hotels in Amadria Park Šibenik – Andrija, Jakov & Niko